As  the school  year  has  been  the  most fatiguing  one in many a year, because of increased  class  size  (and immaturity of the students), instead of a brand new Christmas image, I revamped the 1904 World's Fair into  a holiday scene.  Little  did  I know  that it would have been  easier to  start  from square one.  Design-wise,  I changed a few things about the piece but  wanted to  keep it  faithful to the original  and to history.  I  added  snow, toned down  the color, revamped  the sky and  put graland and wreaths her and there.  The  tasking  part of the piece  was  taking   all the flowers  I had in the foreground  and adding conifers and decorations, I tried to mmake it more holiday-ish.  As  a last thought,  I  added candy cane-like images over the poles and painted garland around the robes.

People-wise,  I took  the other couple out and added  larger figures in the foreground, in the  same  flavor as older cards. They  are not  the  same  people, but  they  are  close.  Their position  was essential  to better the composition. The real image is over 3500 pixels  wide. Again, I  I exclusively  used the  digital airbrush tool in Painter 9. 

Every single graphic on these pages is copyrighted and original, created by me on an Amiga 4000 and Sony Pentium PC.

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