2005  has brought forth  new  obstacles to deal  with on an  everyday basis  and with my new companion (Tinnitus),  this has  forced  me to relearn how to draw  starting from the summer.  I first started with copying a small photo as I tried to focus (which is still extremely hard), I started to get back to doing my own work  from scratch.  Unfortunately  this year,  I had  no ideas, thoughts or  inspirations for this years  card.  So I went back to last  X-mas and  designed  a similar themed  image. The scene depicts something that might be from the previous  card's Victorian home,  but  this card has elements from many sources as well as from my head. Stupidly, I attempted an ever more complex and detailed  idea...  maybe to prove something to myself.
I was going to put a ton of injokes and things into the picture but reduced this to 3 paintimgs and a photo. 
The cat picture  on the wall was a watercolor my dad did of Jose my siamese cat who was alive during my high school years; the picture below was a prior  X-mas card I did, the image under that was a picture I did for a  video game.
The girl is the same girl in a prior card as well, though I only used her head, the body was made up.
I wanted to revisit some themes and images and hopefully tie it into a familiar yet new setting.
A few people ask why I do dark Christmas cards.  Well the Victorian theme seems to go with the dark atmosphere, but also it  symbolizes the emptyness of lost loved ones  (my Dad, all my Aunts, Uncles, etc) as well as friends that have  either been lost, or have not kept in touch with me  (JS, DH, PB).
Incidentally,  the small photo under the rose-colored flowers is a portrait of my Dad.  I still miss him.  
The above  image is only 1/8 the original size of the master image. I exclusively  used the  digital airbrush tool in Painter 9. 

Every single graphic on these pages is copyrighted and original, created by me on an Amiga 4000 and Sony Pentium PC.

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