During  this summer (2004), after Nearfest (a progressive music festival),   we stayed one night  at a wonderful bed and breakfast  at-   The Reynolds mansion in Belfonte Pennsylvanna.  I got up at  6AM, tip-towed down the stairs  armed with a sketchbook and drawing pencil and drew their music room looking out to the hallway.  After starting another exterior scene for a Christmas card, I thought as I was sketching- `why not put a tree in this scene and make this the Christmas card. Yes, I'll lose some work, but this would be different after 3 exterior snow-filled scenes in a row.
I did a lot of changes during the transition from sketch to digital painting. 
First-   I redid the windows to be clear, devoid of drapes and added a snowy feel.  Also aded stripes line by line to make a simple wallpaper.
Second-  I added the Christmas tree where the Heidt's (the Innkeepers),  have their stero system.  I flattened a few walls, and added painting and stuff in the hall. As well as a large vase to the right of the sofa.
Thirdly, I added  Ginger, our long-hair Persian cat. The kitten was made up to add balance to the composition.
The above  image is only 1/5 the origianl size of the master image. I exclusively  used the  digital airbrush tool in Painter 8. 

Every single graphic on these pages is copyrighted and original, created by me on an Amiga 4000 and Sony Pentium PC.

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