The 2010 Christmas  card was  ever more  difficult than  2009, not  that  it  was very  difficult, but because of  my  tinnitus and eyesight problems, I went  for  a less detailed look.  I'm  not  100%  happy  with  the  composition,  but it's  okay.   The real image is over 3500 pixels  wide. Again, I  I exclusively  used the  digital airbrush tool in Painter 9.
No  in-jokes here...  this piece  is  a semi-fantasy  image  because  of  the Christmas  tree.  The  1904  World's  Fair  closed before Christmas,   but  the  statues  and  Fair scene  is  historically  accurate.   I  added  some  watm  tones  and  washes  to  suggest  more of  an  old-fashioned  feel. This  image  is  not  my  favorite  Christmas piece  that  I  have  done.

Every single graphic on these pages is copyrighted and original, created by me on an Amiga 4000 and Sony Pentium PC.

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Lee Gaskins Productions
The 2009  Christmas card  to  friends  and  family.