The above illustration is  a modification  of  CD art for a band called Willowglass.  Why a modification?  The left third of the image  is the back cover of the CD (which is separate art),  while the right  1/3 and middle section are  the cover and inner-flap of the CD booklet. So just to have a bit of fun (well fun for me- okay I have no life); I combined them together. I had to modify the left image a lot as the size was off due to changes  I had to do-  to incorporate future text on the back cover.  So instead of showing  you folks another double CD image, it is in fact almost a triple piece.
Andrew Marshall-  a wonderfully talented musician was a pure pleasure to work for.  He was very hands on (which I like), but  also  gave me free run of design.  He  sent me some demos/snippets of the album- which I always love because it is much more inspirational to illustrate music then just by seeing  lyrics/title names.  The music was diverse, beautiful and very English, so I tried to do an English-like scene... I attempted  to incorporate as many of  the  track titles as I could without being a collage of track lists.   With this reduction in size, a lot of the flowers and details in the green are lost....  and you  can easily see the  horse riders are chasing a fox in the enlarged version.  I also did a double sleeve  of a variation of the above 2/3s of this  scene with three times the amount of sky for  lyrics and a separate disk tray illustration of the girl. As for the girl, I  was going to go- Alice and Wonderland like, but I went with a girl-next-door English girl who is wholesome and smart.
This album is  over  6500  pixels long on the real version. This image is about 11% of the original size.  The thumbnail icon in the CD gallery is 3%.
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