Every single graphic on these pages is copyrighted and original, created by me on an Amiga 4000 and Sony Pentium PC.

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I am working on a number of images. Some of these will be added to my web site shortly, some will not.

1}  When I have time and extra energy, I am painting a cyclorama in my house's bathroom, clouds are on the ceiling and there are waterfalls and other elements. I plan to put in over 600 hours on this. 

2}  I am  80% finished with a Lord of the Rings piece that I started when I heard the movie was being created. It's shows the death of Boromir. Detail in this piece is a must. 

3}  I am  still working on my book,  it's  an original adventure book with a creative  twist and  is  half-done.  

4}  Taking most of my time is a  digital  card /board game that I'm working on for N2. I have to do about 400 desktop-sized fantasy/ wildlife  illustrations.....   So far the count is:   42  (In 2 months times- I will update the count every month.)