Steve Hackett is  the most amazing guitarist in the world.  Years ago I did an acrylic painting of  him, standing up- circa  `Seconds Out era ,' with lightening   blasting his guitar. Surreal  images  were indicated in his dark surroundings.  This image of Steve was from  blurry  photo reference   taken by me 15 years later than my original  image,  at the `Bottom Line' in New York City 1992.   I updated it with Opalpaint on the Amiga  (and DCTV), 10 years ago,  but with  a small blurry 300 x 200 file,  I thought that it needed to be `modernized'... so I  redrew  the picture in Fractal Painter, adding more detail  as well as modifying the images.   After seeing Steve at the NEARfest 2002  show-   which he performed an amazing set, I was inspired to  make the  image larger, getting rid of the  spacey background  and providing more atmosphere to the piece.  The image of  Steve remained the same with the exception of adding more shadows and colors. I also simplified the roots and vines  growing from his legs. This  compressed image is only 25% of the original piece,  which barely hints at the hundred  plus hours of work I put on it. I added additional  surreal images that  hopefully reflects Mr. Hackett's compositions-   some are obvious, a few are  harder-to-read symbolic references.   I sent a copy of the old image to Steve's website but did  not  get  any feedback. 

Recently, I  re-sent  it  to  Steve's  new  site  and  he responsed  with  a nice  note.  Thanks  Steve!

The most difficult thing to do? Making Steve look `realistic!' ... well.. at least his upper torso.

I cut an old   image  of Steve from revision #2 out and added more vines and woody elements and used the
image as a Splash screen for my ProgRock Site.
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