This is  modified  from an  old acrylic painting.  I changed the painting  a long time ago on the Amiga with Opalpaint, but lacking  the higher resolutions, I left it until  I could make it larger and with greater detail. The original scan was  created from DCTV and was quite blurry. The new picture is a crisp1044 x 1585. This image  is only 1/3 the size, hence there is some distortion on the edges of many of the `circles.'
    The acrylic painting was made as an art school poster... I changed  some of the symbolism in  this modification and attempted to emphasize creativity and a few other concepts.  I stayed away from making all the images pure 3D globes which would have been easy in a 3D program;  I did not want too much distortion in the  images of fine art. In addition,  I tend to shy away from 3D programs unless I must use them.
        The Van Gogh was the most fun to paint, the most difficult was the Leighton. Of the  few images of mine  in this piece- I have no disillusions that my work belongs with the above masters (though my father's work: the orchard landscape and the old man in the  upper right, easily fits the grade); I added mine and others to keep the same tone as the original. The Winnie the Pooh pix was the first drawing I ever did with the Wacom tablet and did it during a free art class in school. Though the girl's face is cracked, I gave her a positive expression. I put so many hours into this I can not remember how many!

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