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All Artwork  Copyright ©  Lee Gaskins III
Children's  Book  Ill.
Personal Piece
Steampunk Oz  Ill
Stone  Eye piece
Stone Eye expanded   Ill.
Little  Red  Riding  Hood  Ill.
Alice in  Wonderland  Ill.
Japanese anime vampire piece
Oz  piece.
Personal Piece on left  expanded  to  a larger  more  epic  Ill.
Illustration  from  pencil  sketch.
Tongue  and  cheek  Prog  piece.
Beauty  and  the  beast.  
Alice  and  Wonderland
Expanded piece (Celebration)
Girl  with  cat
In That  Quiet  Earth  (double  image)
Book  Ill.
Tribute  to  Ray  Harryhaussen
Cute Dorothy
The Priestess & the Dragon
Unhellish Landscape
Hellish Landscape