If memory serves me right, this is a poster I have been tinkering  around  for a while-  just for fun.
This mock-movie poster was  created in Painter 6. I  wanted to play around with
design and compose something different than my `usual' work.  Using  terrible quality reference, I had
to make up a lot of the details in the faces from watching the show; I hope I did the chefs justice.
This is a massive picture that is reduced down to 1/6th its size.
The above poster is based on a Japanese television show that  pits tops quality chefs against
one of 4 Iron Chefs.
These chefs are incredibly talented  and improvizational; having to create 4-6 dishes in one hour, based mainly on one themed ingredient- which varies from the common, to the expensive, to the bizarre.  I heard that being an Iron Chef means you are under a lot of pressure. Japan watches   Iron Chef  like a sports event and why not, it's the superbowl of cooking shows.

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