This CD cover  is a job I did for Andy Wells'  Pilgrym project. Andy is a multi-talented  musician, composer and  engineer/producer that has worked with artists such as Sarah Brightman and Mike Rutherford.  He is an energetic composer that has a deep  fondness for creative  and powerful music. I heard clips of  some of the rough songs and these are brilliant!   The CD illustration is  only half of the piece, as the back cover continues the scene, but  replaces the ghosty-girl with a gravestone....  flowers, trees, etc. the statue is half-submerged in a pond  and the ship is far in the distance.  Buy  this album to see  large cover and hear excellent cool prog music... you will not be disappointed.... I also fabricated an inner sleeve with a crumbled lighthouse (kept it simple),   to  give tons of room for the lyrics... which  will not be used as I  designed...  sigh....  LOL
  My niece-in-law  posed for the ghostly-like girl leaning against the angel statue.  My favorite part to design  was the ship.  I also did a back cover/inner-sleeve  that makes the image one piece.  A lyrics sleeve  had the water with a lighthouse in ruins.
The large  image is only 25% of the original and  a bit  of  the detail has been lost.... but  what are you going to do with  art-pirates, in this day and age, what can you do? I had a fellow school teacher take my work and put it on her site without telling me. And she is supposed to be educated?  Oh, by the way, I create the originals for the clients  very large, so they can not only use them as CD art, but as posters. One band blew  their cover  up to 10 feet without any image grain...  Cool!

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