Another image for the defunct SHADOWS OF WINTER-  a proposed dungeon  siege mod.  This  illustration is another picture that depicts a key location in the MOD.   The initial sketch  was drawn as a huge wooden gate that opened to let armies in or out... I rather liked that idea purely on visual terms,   but the  once leader of this ill-lead mod  wanted stone...  and it works as well- not as damatic,  but it's okay.  I painted the wall three times, each time, I hated it... so I had to go with a cheat. I painted a  flat 3D texture and  wrapped it on a rectangle in  an old  copy of Lightwave- it looked terrible, but the perspective was correct, so I picked up my trusty tablet pen and airbrushed away to make it less  rendered...  This was another fun image to do, as it is a large scale and  the wide aspect ratio is nice to compose  for landscapes.  
This picture is 47% the scale of the original...
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