This is yet  another image for the disaster  that was- SHADOWS OF WINTER. This  illustration  depicts a  stairway that goes up  a cliff. I sketched a similar  styled image in my drawing book,  which I kinda liked- it incorporated uncountable twisting and old broken stone stairs... but the idea was changed- as in the story it is told that caravans need to go up it... hence no stairs. I suggested a lift system, for the caravans but the idea wasn't addressed.  I do not like those blocks- looks a bit silly- like the old game Q-bert, but hey... it's not my story, the block system is an ingenious solution to the caravan problem, but visually, my idea was stronger.    Regardless, the image was still enjoyable to create.  I added a few statues (one of my favorite things to draw and paint), several geysers and other  elements. Because the image is reduced, the fish under the water  are impossible to see.  This is a very busy image-  a lot going on, a lot of texture.  Though the blocks should get a bit  smaller to show proper perspective,  I kept their size fairly consistent  as dramatic license.  Oh... after I finished, the bearded statue looks  slightly like the scene in Jason & the Argonauts, where Triton comes out of the water to help Jason sails passed the clashing rocks.  A Harryhauseen homage? Probably not,  but maybe now... yeah!   As usually the wide aspect ratio is always fun to compose.   
This picture is 47% the scale of the original...
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