In 1978, my dad  created one of his greatest works- entitled: "In His Hands,"  the piece  is a large   watercolor full of magnificent rocks, waterfalls and lush summer vegetation.   My mom gave me the painting as a gift one year, but  I never had the desire to take it from her walls until  last month- as the painting always was showcased in my mom's home.  As a  Christmas  gift  for my mom, I painted a   `copy'  of  my father's piece, but this time in-  acrylic, but  I  removed all the vegetation and made the piece a snow scene.  I do not like to copy other paintings, but I wanted to do this as an homage to my dad.
The painting is 38 inches long on masonite.  I started the image   with a purple wash over the pencil sketch, then began working on the darks. 
I gained a lot of insight to my dad's  original piece by doing this gift/project.  In essence, the  painting  is a symetrical  abstract within a nature framework.
Why the title?  It's rather obvious, but I will not say anything more except  that with  a select few  large works-  my father incorporated double-images  which usually had a religious or spiritual theme.  Some are easy to see, while others are quite difficult. 
Color-wise- I used a limited palette  on this piece, just primary colors (with very little yellow- only to make brown) and paynes grey and white. Because of it being winter, I kept the colors on the cool side.

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