For  my  wife's  birthday,  I  decided to  do  something  different.  We both  like  the Addams'  Family TV show-  the  B & W classic  series,  not  the  movies  and failed remakes.  So  I thought,  what  would the Addams'  family house look, if the  show  had  been  done in  color?   I  was  going  create  an original Addams' Family house, but  thinking again, I  decided to  stay  with the television classic  tradition and go by show's original matte painting by Louis McMannus, and simply  paint the image as a colored  acrylic. With no reference on  the  colors, I had to make it up,  but I  didn't  want it  drab like Addams'  comics, I desired to balance the low key  with  some  bright  color.  As for the  frame, I  found a broken old fancy frame  at my Mother's house  (bought years back from  a garage sale), and repaired it.  It  broke  some of the floral  details  during the repair  so I  redesigned it and it looks  like it could be hung at the  Addams'  household.
For purists, I  did change  a few things in the picture;  some of the windows and accoutrements were not detailed enough  so  I added more texture.  Being  a different aspic ratio  than  the  frame, I was forced to add more to  the  street.
This  was fun  to  paint. It is  acrylic on masonite and the image measures 16" x 20."

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