A Company of Wolves: An R-rated surreal version of a little red riding hood. A  minor masterpiece.
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein: One of the first horror-comedies and still one of the best.
Addams Family:   Before the two so-so  feature films was a brilliant TV show.  Creepy and Ookey!
Allan Holdsworth: The fastest electronic  guitartist  on the planet.   Jazz fusion. Must seen live to be believed.
Babylon 5: Though the series is over, see the  rebroadcasts, buy the discs... it's just that good and meaningful.
Lewis Black:  Okay, he used a lot of profanity, but so what- he's still genuiinely funny! A starbucks across from a starbucks! Time for  a cup of Joe.
Bladerunner: Ridley Scott's masterpiece. One of the greatest futuristic films of all time.
Bubba Ho-Tep-  A 70-year old Elvis and a black JFK fighting a mummy. Silly? No! poignant . A brilliant Indie film.  Bruce Campbell is amazing.
Creepshow:   They don't make fun monster movies anymore. They should like Creepshow.  I'm  tired of serial killer flicks.
Dagon:  Stuart Gordon's (The Re-animator),   extremely creepy  film about a strange  fishing town off the coast of Spain.
Dark City:  A visually stunning movie by Alex Proyas. Powerful vision.  See this! Much better than The Matrix.
Darrell Sweet:  A fantastic illustrator. Great stylization and images.  HE became famous for his Piers Anthony covers.
Das Boot: A fantastic WWII U-boat movie. The director's cut is even better.
Dead Alive:  One of the grossest , disgusingly brilliant movies with plenty of humor mixed in by LOTR master- Peter Jackson
Dream Theater: Called progressive metal, I just like to call them good.  Excellent musicianship!
Evil Dead II: Sam Raimi's masterpiece of comic horror. The sequel- `Army of Darkness' is good too.
Family Guy: Can you say one of the funniest cartoons ever made.  Yet some of  the crassness is  starting  to get  old.  Spin-offs  are  bad.
Fantasia:   Disney's risky masterpiece. Gorgeous.  Inventive and risk-taking.
Farscape:  Great visuals, solid acting, outrageous visuals and plot from the genius named Henson. Cancelled? Idiots!
Fawlty Towers: John Cleese's brilliant television sitcom and one of the funniest ever.
From the Palaces to the Pike:  Best book on the 1904 World's Fair. It was amazing what they did 100 years ago. It puts out culture to shame.
Futurama: From the makers of the Simpsons (and IMHO- it's  better). Smart, funny  and  even touching.  Bender rules!
Genesis: From 1970-1977: they were one of the most creative bands. Not anymore. Check out `Seconds Out.'
Gentle Giant: Probably  the  most  talented prog  band (or  any  band),  ever.  Some of  the  most complicated  music  ever  written.
Get  Smart: Mel brooks' televison spy spoof. Don Adams was hilarious. Way  better  than  the  2009 movie.
Glory!: A fantastic Civil War movie about a regiment  of  brave `black'  soldiers.  Emotional,  showcasing the spirit of  brave men.
I Dream of  Jeannie:  The show was simply fun... no messages, no hidden meaning, just funny.
Iron Chef:  The superbowl of cooking shows.  Morimoto rules!  And the FoodTV  American Iron Chef spin-off isn't bad  too.
Iron Giant:  A very good  animated film  with some heart. Perfect melding of 2D and 3D techniques.
Eddie Izzard-  A very funny  British  comedian.  Intelligence and humor... what a concept!  You over there... cake or  death!
James Earl Jones: One of the few actors I really respect. His voice is incredible. I wish he'd do more recent  films.
James Horner: A  motion picture composer extraordinaire.  
Jean-Michel Jarre:   A techno-fusion musician. He uses skyscrapers as projection screens for lasers and  animation.
Justin Bua:   A  fantastic  painter of urban wonder. A superior artist and nice person.  He was a break-dance champion in his youth in Harlem.
Keith Parkinson: His `Knightsbridge' art book is wonderful.  He is known for excellent book covers.
Labyrinth:  A fun movie by Jim Henson, Terry Jones of Monty Python wrote it.
Lord of the Rings:  J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece! If you haven't read  the  novels  or seen the movies- Do It!  
Marillion: Neo-prog music  that has gone through many changes personnel-wise  and musically.  The Fish-era band  was  more creative.
Meet me in St. Louis: A lovely Judy Garland musical  in the Victorian period.  Beautiful, wonderful and sugary as all heck.
Meet the Hollowheads:  Tom Burman's monstrosity of bizarreness  and creativity. The plot? Dad's boss comes home for dinner. See it!
Monty Python:  Funny comedy troupe that have split up... but the MP & The Holy Grail is a classic and their TV shows are excellent. Spam!
Morgan Freeman: One of  the   best  voices  in  actor-dom.  An amazing  pro.  See him in the Shawshank  Redemption which is  brilliant!
N.C. Wyeth: By far, the most talented of the Wyeth family.  Strong illustration.
PFM:    Progressive music that has waethered the test of time.  The ony Italian band to break the top 100 in America  (in the 70's).
Red Dwarf: Creative risk-taking British television and it's pretty `smegging' funny.   DVDs are out!
Rembrandt Van Rijn: Powerful art work-  the  best of the `old masters'!  The brilliance of showing so much detail  with such simple brush work.
Renaissance:  Simply beautiful music with the angel-like voice of Annie Haslam. Check out -`Live  from Carnegie Hall.'
Return to Oz:  An under-rated `sequel' to The Wizard of Oz classic. A very good film.  Nice claymation by Will Vinton.
Robert Rodruigez- Director of the Spy Kids Trilogy and  co-dir. of Sin City. He has an amazing passion for film.
Roger Waters:   Still creating good music. His new `In the Flesh' live album covers a lot of  excellent material.  Te DVD is excellent!
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:  Talk about risks.  Minimal sets, all Green screen and a massive retro epic shot in B&W and colored!
Sleepytime Gorilla  Museum: A truly  orignal  band. Part trash, part Prog, Part Avant-garde.  Outrageous live!
Spirited Away:  One of the greatest animator's ever- Hayao Miyazaki created this masterpiece. See it! 
Spock's Beard:  USed to be the best of  the American progressive bands.  Sadly  `God' `told'  Neil Morse  to quit SB!  Check out early Beard!
Stanley Jordan:  An amazing jazz guitarist that plays both hands on the neck. Totally original!
Steve Hackett:  Fantastic guitarist; he invented tapping.  Only genesis ex-member that thinks progressive. Check out Spectral Mrnings and Defector!
Terry Gilliam:  Baron Munchaussen, Time Bandits, Brazil-  a visual genius  filmmaker!  Soon- Tideland and the Brother's Grimm. He is the master!
The Duellists:  Alien, Bladerunner and Gladiator were great. This is Ridley Scott's first film and it's fantastic!
The Green Mile:  A wonderfully powerful and touching  film with great acting.  Michael Clarke Duncan is amazing as is Tom Hanks.
The High House: A delightful `high' fantasy novel by James Stoddard. This would make a fabulous movie! Everybody, Read this book!
The Honeymooners: The older it gets, the funnier it becomes. Comdy television at its best.
The Lathe of Heaven: A fantastic public television low-budget film. The book is fantastic as well.   The remake stinks!  See the PBS version.
The Prisoner: A wonderfully creative British series. Big brother is watching you.
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: FX wizard- Ray Harryhausen's first color movie still holds up!
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Progressive thrash/punk/avante-garde music with heaping handfuls  of creativity,  wit and visuals.  The new album is great! 
The Thing: John Carpenter's adaptation  with a strong  risk-taking all-male cast and a nasty `thing.'  
The Thomas Covenant Novels:  Stephen Donaldson's epic fantasy novels with a modern twist. Powerful! The new book- `Runes of the Earth' is quite good.
Tom Waits:  Personifies cool. Simple as that.  Check out: ` Nighthawks at the Diner'.
The Wild Wild  West:  Before the bad motion picture,  was an inventive TV series- James Bond during the post-civil war. It worked and was brilliant!

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On  August 16th, 1999, one of my idols- David Allen- a master stop-motion animator,  died from cancer at the age.  His professional career in stop-motion animation  spanned more than 35 years and his work included: Caveman, Young Sherlock Jolmes,  Honey I Shrunck the Kids and *Batteries Not Included.  His pet project for 25 years- The Primevals was nearing completion at the time of his departure. David was also known as a  good person that helped others in and out of the arts. We will miss you David.
David Allen:  Photo courtesy of Neil Pettigrew 's  book-  The Stop-Motion Filmography. Click on David Allen's photo to go to Neil's site.
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