These  three  illustrations are not even close to  half of the work I did for Andrew Marshall's  second  Willowglass album- Book of Hours.

Andrew Marshall, is not only a fantastic composer and musician, but he is a great person, and is  very easy to collaborate on a  project.  As a thank you, I whipped up  some additional  graphics for his  soon-to-be-improved web site.

Illustration-wise,   I  had   more freedom to do something different. One of the pieces was a Celtic grave, the other, a hedge maze,  and another- a  melting watch melting down on a  gigantic book (all not pictured).

Andrew  wanted to have a Don Quixote theme to him album and he suggested stained glass. Design-wise, it was nice to get away  from normal lettering as well as add wooden frames and enhancements to make the images different than a simple `painting,.'  unlike the first Willowglass CD, I didn't get to listen to  much of Andrew's new music, but what little I heard,  was excellent.

The front and back covers  still portray  an English-type setting,  but it could be Spain or Europe. I suggested to Andrew,  to keep a similarity in the  artistic look of the first album to the second, while expanding, as well as still incorporating the stained glass theme.
So I only added a suggestion of the black lead lines here and there, keeping it off  Don Quixote and Sancho Panza as well as the grass.

As another tie-in to the previous album, I added the  girl reading the book to the of background tree, but  added a much larger figure of her  (in  a different dress  and standing up with her book), on the back cover. I opened up the sky for the titles.

The original is more than 3200 pixels, which isn't massive but it does take up over 20 megs.

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