This image is a CD double cover  I designed and rendered for a UK metal band. This   was supposed to be their first album  which was delayed, then  the band scrapped most of their songs and redid the album with new material.   I'm getting the hint that they will not be using it as they redid all their songs and  changed the title of the album from:   'The Beauty of Destruction'  to a less interesting- `Now is Tomorrow.'  So I assume the  band will scrap all the hours of work I put into this.   Also with changed personnell,  they  are not in contact.  Cie La Vie.

Anyhow, before all the changes, the initial idea was to have a  nuclear bomb explosion at night, intracting with the inside of a church... I drew  it in a sketch book, and  started painting it in Painter... it would have been a dynamic powerful image. For this concept, the church  would not be on fire, but full of mood and lighting from the blast. One of the members  of Divide  (who is now out of the band), did not want the violence explosion and liked snow, so we  thought up an opposite  theme and had the destruction inside the church. The fire was added to create more visual/lighting  contrast.  After  the bomb blast was dropped... I really started to  like the snow idea.... The cityscape was added in the background, so the image would not have too much of an overwhelming  old feel.
As a homage to my Dad (and a small  in-joke), I painted a copy of my father's work- `In His Hands' (a religious piece without hitting you on the head with it) and modified the piece to include more water, trees, waterfalls and even a sky (which it didn't have). I also  added  to the `fresco,'  a `churchy' shape which helped it `blend' in.

When I sent the final image, the guys from the band loved the piece... but now,  with all the changes... (who knows who has the art  now  (and frankly I don't care- well a little-  sigh))... it's probably in limbo...      Maybe I'll go back and re-add  the  nuclear bomb theme as it was a far more powerful and telling image. 

This image is almost 4000 pixels wide, and would easily hold up as any-sized  poster the band could use  to sell, or use on-stage.  Hence, while most artists work up 150%, I work much larger to give the band more flexabilty when using the art. This is more work for me but the picture holds up under  much more scutiny the larger it is  scaled. This image is about 16% of the original size.  The thumbnail icon in the CD gallery is 4%.

Divide, seems  to  have  divided. I have not  heard  anything  from  the  memebers and have  no  idea what  has  become of  the  artwork  or  the  musicians.
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