In September 2005,  I saw Neil Innes in a small art-pub in New York State.  The people were so packed, there was hardly any room. I was 2 feet away from Neil. 

Neil Innes  for the uninitiated was a prominent member of the  Bonzo Dog Band as well as  the mastermind behind all the songs and music in the Rutles. He has also been called the 6th Python in Monty Python's Flying Circus as well as  Sir Robin's minstrel in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Neil was  totally hilarious that evening, he had a drummer  and bassist with him that joined him for 3/4s of the set.  Neil did funny songs as well as serious, while also telling some great Bonzo stories  and performing some Python and Bonzo classics.

The sketch I did was from a photo I took  during his gig at the Bottom Line in NYC during the 80's.
Neil is in his 60's and is now a grandfather, but  age had nothing to do with his performance,  which was witty, intelligent, and damn well  hilarious. Unfortunately a lot of younger people think anyone who's 35  should be made fun of or disrespected - how ignorant and idiotic can you be?

Cheers  Neil,  thanks for the chat after the show.

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