This year, I decided not  to go  to Nearfest  because of  the  so-so lineup  (in my opinion);  but that  didn't stop me  from  enjoying the Nearfest  pre-show- no called  Progressive Legends Showcase (II).  The day of the event, I thought... why  not  do  a quick  sketch and get  the band  to  sign  it. So  I QUICKLY found some images of the band  from 2005  and designed a very hastily done sketch.
For  people not in `the know,'  Hatfield  and the North  is  an amazing Canterbury Band  from England  that  plays their own  type of fusion. After breaking up in the  70's, they reformed 30 years  later!  It was about time!  LOL    Add some rock,  some jazz,  some humor... experimentation  and  you  have  the Hatfields.  This  was the bands  first time playing in North  America ever. It took them  34 years to get here.   These guys  were mega loud  ( we were next  to  the  amp), but played a varied set of old tunes as well as a lot of new  compositions.  Richard  Sinclair blistered at the bass  and the keyboardist  was brilliant.  All the band members were into  the gig and created an amazingly  magical  evening.  I  have pictures on my Progressive  Rock  Site.   Thanks  Richard  you  are the classiest of the classy.  Cheers!

Addendum;  as per August 29:   I am shocked and saddened by the following  news.   Drummer Pip Pyle died in a Paris hotel early in the morning of August 28th shortly after returning to France upon  completing a Hatfield & the North gig in Groningen, The Netherlands on August 26th. Pip  was a nice person and talented drummer and songwriter.

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