On June 19, 2010, I had to  honor  to  see `Three Friends'  perform the  music of  Gentle Giant  at Nearfest.  For the people  who  are not  familiar  with creative  music, Nearfest is  short of North East Art Rock Festival.  But  it  goes  way  beyond  simply  rock  music.  Many  bands incorporate  the Blues, Jazz and  even  Classical  and Avantgarde,    into music. Progrock,  which is the staple  at the  festival is  music that  has  no  boundaries, tend  of have  longer  songs, strong dynamics  and time signature  changes    that  goes  beyond  the  simple  4/4 beats of  today.

Gary Green  the  guitarist  and  the  leader of  the Three Friends  is  an  amazingly  funny  man and  an extremely  talented  guitarist.   It was amazing  to meet  him  for  the  second  time and  for  him  to  sign  my  quick  sketch  that  I  did  in  my  drawing  book  at  school.
Thanks  Gary,  keep  on  creating  and  progressing!

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