This image  is an  acrylic painting  I painted for my  wife  for  her 2009 birthday. It was painted totally during pre-school hours. I it  was enjoyable  to  paint.

The  painting was done with gold towers on the Palace of Machinery, for  this  site  I  digitally  tinted them green,  as I recently found out  that this  was their  true  color, but  the  picture  didn't  look  `right,'  so  I  digitally  tinted  them  back (too  lazy  to  redigitze the  painting). 

I  veered  from the B & W reference  quite  a bit, as the photo was badly  airbrushed in the book,  perhaps  because of  technical problems (photographs  were still shot on glass back then).

The background includes the edifice to the dark ride- `Creation' on the Fair's Pike,.  There  are  17 people painted in this  picture, but  seven main ones. I particulary liked painting  the  sky.

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Lee Gaskins Productions
`Palace of Machinery with Creation in the distance.'